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Winn-Dixie is Trying to Stay Away From Trouble-- Customers No Longer Required to Wear Masks.

UPDATED: Wednesday, July 22, 2020 | 8:17 AM

Florida may be the most at-risk when it comes to the coronavirus; however, the popular Southern United States supermarket chain, Winn-Dixie, is not requiring its customers to wear a mask

With the threat of the virus growing stronger, Florida has somehow managed to exceed 338,000 cases. Because of this, many stores are cutting back on numbers, refusing to allow in crowds of people-- especially if they are lacking a highly recommended face mask. In addition, all indoor dining has been eliminated and the area is beginning to pay closer attention to safety concerns.

On the contrary, Winn-Dixie does not seem to be following along with this extra step of caution.

Instead, though face masks are still posted as an "excellent idea", shoppers who enter the store are free to determine whether or not they find it necessary. The announcement comes following numerous reports of unrest between employees and their customers throughout the United States.

It seems like quite a few people are unhappy with the inconvenience of wearing a face mask and find it unfair that this could keep them from going about their day.

Winn-Dixie’s goal is to eliminate any problems that could arise regarding masks, and allow citizens to enjoy a peaceful and easy shopping experience. Even so, not all businesses are on board with this prioritized state of tranquility.

For companies such as Publix, Costco, WholeFoods, and Walmart, health will always be number 1 as they all finalize their rule that customers and employees must begin wearing masks in order to enter the building.

While the Florida hospitals continue to struggle with a “shortage of beds and intensive care units,” some people race to Instagram to question Winn-Dixie’s decision. How do you feel about the decision? Would you go without a mask in public?

Either way... get your ISH together Florida...

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