What's It Like Visiting The "Royal Family"?

Updated: Sunday, April 18, 1:49 PM EST.

The Royal Family has VERY specific protocol to follow inside and outside the palace whenever you are in their presence.

Celebrities of all statuses, even A-Listers, have to follow certain rules when meeting the royals just like any other human would. Before meeting members of the royal family like the queen, one must be briefed beforehand, one must arrive early to the briefing, and of course one can never touch the royal without permission.

If the royals initiate the contact then it is okay. It suggested if ever in doubt, while in public, follow the royal’s lead on formality. One can not speak until you are spoken to, and once you are able to address a royal, never do it by their first name. One should never try to buddy up to royals by giving them a nickname. Believe it or not it is not required to curtsy, but many still do it.

Lastly, if you are a plus one you must stay behind the invited guest, and not say a word unless one you are spoken to. Who knew there was protocol to meeting the royals?!

Well, we hope this article helps you for your appearance at the next royal event... and don't forget to thank AFTERGLOW for helping you!

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