What’s Going on With Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star?

(Photo by Jeffree Star Cosmetics)

For almost 10 years, Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star have been widely known as golden influencers on the popular platform: Youtube. The two began collaborating together back in 2018, and Dawson is said to have been on good terms with many other “top Youtubers.” Now the question is: why is the so-called “king of Youtube,” and his makeup partner in crime, plummeting in an immense loss of subscribers?

With all the Black Lives Matter protests and recognition, many content creators are quickly and ferociously being outed for past jokes and mockeries of the subject. Dawson and Star are just two of the recently cornered creators.

Dawson seemed to have gained his billions of fans out of respect for the occasionally offensive humor posted on his channel. Countless videos of his have come out as portraying the historic blackface, hypothetical murder, sexualization towards minors, and more. Now, in light of the world’s current, and ever-growing situation, these creations are being pinned against him.

After weeks of hate and criticism, Dawson decided to respond to the public by uploading a “teary apology to his channel.” During this video, the former “king of Youtube” attempted to gain back the world’s love, and shamefully admitted that he “deserved to lose everything.” However, not long after this calling for forgiveness, many people spotted and made noticeable an earlier post of his, in which he defaced (in a sexual manner) a picture of Willow Smith. This clip is now re-circling the internet, however it didn't take long for Willow’s parents and older brother to speak out against Dawson as his trail of hate spiralled once again.

As for Star, fans had suggested for a long time that he had been “dupliculos,” and his friendship with Shane Dawson did not help his case. The now “super villain” of Youtube is not only facing the loss of supporters, including many other popular Youtubers, customers, and potential business associates are also turning away from the two. 

While Star and Dawson’s careers and once positive pool of fame dissapear, Youtube and other platforms have begun removing ads promoting the two. 

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