Well A$AP Rocky IS HEADING BACK TO SWEDEN...Wait what...

A$AP is set to perform for the first time since his incident earlier this year in Sweden. (Image via iHeartRadio)

We never thought this was going to happen… but A$AP Rocky is heading back to Sweden. But wait, it’s for something good this time! 

News broke during the rapper’s trip to New York earlier this week that he’s going to perform in Sweden. This news comes just months after he was convicted of assault during a street brawl. 

During the evening earlier this summer he was walking with his security guards and entourages as two men confronted him. He was later detained by Swedish officials but had stated a self defense effort and that this was not to assault anyone. The rapper was given “conditional sentences” which mean they won’t serve prison time unless they commit a similar offense in the future. 

Live nation reports the rapper will return “after tremendous support from the Swedish Fans.” Rocky is due to perform at the Ericsson Globe Arena in December 11th, 2019. This will Ben his first live performance since this incident.

Let’s hope this time he doesn’t run into any trouble. We wish you the best!

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