Victor Perry Releases His New, Binge-Worthy Album: REWIND.

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Today, singer-songwriter, Victor Perry released his newest album, REWIND, to the public. Perry grew up in Thomasville, Georgia under the roof of two musicians. As his musical path continued, Victor was able to improve his talents by singing in the local church. Once he was older, the young artist traveled to NYC, where he decided to become a teacher in Brooklyn for about four years.

All great musicians seem to have something that inspires them to create. For Mr. Perry, inspiration emerges from all kinds of other artists and genres. This specific “project” of his was inspired by individuals such as: RY X, Billie Ellish, Frank Ocean, and Janet Jackson.

During his procces, Victor recognized that he had been struggling with aspects of self-love and acceptance-- something that everyone seems to experience at a point in their life. Though frustrating to work through, instead of giving in to this impediment, Perry tried looking at his relationships with friends, family, and even co-workers. He was soon able to come to a healthy decision to center himself and allow his emotions to “live freely.”

REWIND, is like a “journey towards self-love,” Victor explains. His first song of the album: “Greenlight,” is a soothing, yet a saddening striffle between whether or not Perry is ready to take the first step towards loving himself. The lead single, “What I Deserve,” gives light into the artist's “darkest emotions.” The powerful piece really has a way of drawing in its listener with a relaxing melody and calming, though insightful, lyrical harmony. 

Soon, the album leads you to his next song: “Undercurrent.” Here, Perry is finally able to let his feelings go, much like a current. Victor, then constructs a reminder that it’s important to create mutual relationships with yourself and others in “Reciprocity.”

Finally, the track comes to an end with the song “Rewind.” This song is meant to capture his entire journey with a hopeful and awe-inspiring tune. Victor’s music truly has a way of drawing in the attention of others while generating a soothing and astonishing story.

Feel free to listen in, and join Victor on this inspiring journey: REWIND by Victor Perry

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