UFO Spotted on NJ Highway brings traffic to a complete stop

Well 2020, you just keep testing us more. 

We honestly have been through everything you can imagine so we wouldn’t be too phased if there was an alien invasion as September goes on. So since that isn’t too surprising, then that pretty much explains why traffic came to a stop to film what appeared to be a massive UFO in the distance.

Most motorist on the 4 lane highway NJ21 either stopped or got out of their car to take in this insane phenomenon. Thankfully, despite the motorists staring there weren’t any accidents.

We shouldn’t have to say this… but keep your eyes on the road people!!!

Now before we continue, we need to state that this wasn’t a UFO… this was a Good Year blimp which was covering the New York Giants play at MetLife Stadium.

For those who still believe this is is a UFO we got you this magic link showing the actual flight pattern released by good year. For now, we will believe this...

What are your thoughts!? Do you think the government is covering up the UFO with this blimp theory or it really is a blimp? Let us know by texting us at 833-632-0490.

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