Trump Pushes for Adoption Agencies to Have the Right to Refuse LGBTQ+ Couples and More.

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Ever since his electron, President Donald Trump has been making plans in an attempt to “better America.” However, some of his newest ideas are bringing a flood of unpleasant faces to his doorsteps. 

At the beginning of this month, the Trump Administration was pushing for actions that go against the LGBTQ+ community, and the people were not onboard. Within the first few days of June, the administration had issued a briefing to the Supreme Court. The idea was to allow taxpayer-funded companies (such as adoption agencies) to deny same-sex couples, and all other LGBTQ+ members, any service. The reason behind this, though biased, was to allow these companies the authority to protect their “religious beliefs” from any such “violation.”

The briefing sparked joy in a number of people out in Philadelphia, while the fear of becoming a torn-apart family creep towards others. One particular baker, Jack Phillips, took advantage of this new ruling by refusing to bake a wedding cake for a homosexual couple; however, this did not protect him from the hostile comments thrown at his religious beliefs.

Others were not so lucky when it came down to the Supreme Court’s decision. As a result of certain adoption agencies’ plans to take advantage of this new opportunity to refuse service, many children are being tossed, and trapped inside “the system.” With more families unfairly ineligible to adopt or foster young children, the number of kids lacking their “forever home” will only grow.

In addition, just over a week later, the Trump Administration was finalizing their plan to eliminate health care for those who identify as transgender. Many LGBTQ+ groups were outraged by the announcement, claiming that some of these health care policies were essential to someone wishing to get a “sex-reassignment surgery.” After undoing Obama’s fight for the LGBTQ+ community, hundreds of fed-up members and supporters of the group stood their ground outside the White House walls. With them were projectors to display the signature colors of the rainbow. The peaceful array shows the world they have not given up yet and will work hard towards what they believe in.

On top of all of president Trump’s new actions against the LGBTQ+ community, he has also been delivering countless speeches in regards to the pandemic. At this point, former president Obama has had enough. Obama recently has been making statements of his own in response to Trump’s leadership during this time. It seems to him that nothing is being done the way it should be, claiming that many officials are thinking like children, trying to find a solution that is most convenient to them, rather than working towards a method that will be the most effective. 

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