Trump is Not Getting The Response He Wanted After Declaring Criticism “Illegal” on Twitter.

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Twitter: a fun-interactive platform to learn quick news, witness funny remarks, and get up-to-date with all celebs. Ever since the job of presidency has come to him, Donald Trump has been a huge talk on Twitter.

Creating an account of his own, users often see Trump giving out short updates as to what he’s up to in the White House and in his general life. Glancing through his page, fellow Twitter users may also find the odd and unique nicknames Trump has declared for himself via social media.

Recently however, the platform has blown up over a series of hashtags aimed against the president. From the start, not everyone was 100% on board with Donald Trump and his excessive use of the app; many would dash to his comments or re-tweet posts using the weapons of mockery and ever so popular memes.

Soon, Donald Trump announced that criticism was “illegal” throughout the app, hoping it would lower the amount of insults and hate thrown his way. Despite this effort, account holders have now come up with a new way to “bully” our president.

Hashtags such as #TrumpleThinSkin and #ThePresidentIsACrybaby are now consuming the platform. Countless posts, memes, and jokes have begun incorporating the sayings allowing #TrumpleThinSkin to make it into the “Top 10 trending charts on Twitter in the U.S.” Another hashtag, #LyingTrump, seems to also be working it’s way up the charts. To this, Trump says that he is disgusted by all the raging trends about him as none of them are ever in his favor.

“They look for anything they can find, make it as bad as possible, and blow it up, trying to make it a trend. Really ridiculous, illegal, and, of course, very unfair!” Trump pleads, although it’s unclear who the “they” is in this matter. 

Do you think that the President has faced enough criticism? Have you seen any Trump hashtags floating around? 

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