Travis Scott announces “CACTI” seltzers release date & partnership!

UPDATED: SAT. FEB 27, 2021 | 10:41 AM PST

(Image via VinePair/ GERRY SELIAN)

Just when you thought the Houston based rapper Travis Scott couldn’t take it to another level, he did...AND...WE LOVE IT.

Honestly Travis Scott is incredible and we already love him. But now, after collaborating with some of the biggest brands and pioneering a electrifying intense sound in hip hop, the rapper has turned into quite the business man and tastemaker for everything hot in pop culture. If you thought a Super Bowl performance, multiple shoes, a fortnight concert, and a McDonald’s collaboration was the peek for Travis, guess again...

This time, the rapper has now entered the alcohol industry, partnering with Anheuser-Busch to release a brand new agave spiked seltzer named “CACTI”.

The inspiration behind the drink comes from Travis’s love for tequila according to billboard. The alcoholic beverage is set to be released on March 15th with three distinct flavors such as lime, pineapple, and strawberry.

March is heating up to be a great month (well when you compare it to last year it's going to blow it out of the water!) We honestly can't wait to taste them because if you know the show, you no we love our drinks... responsibly of course.

We asked a few members of our show what their thoughts about this was and this is what Kris said!

"As if we needed something new to drink on air.. I can't wait to try the strawberry. It better not disappoint."

What would your preferred flavor be? What would be a flavor you hope to see in the near future! Follow us @AFTERGLOWOnAir on instagram and DM us your thoughts or text us at 833-632-0490.

Don't @ us in March, we're going to be too busy.




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