Trapped: NJ Transit Passenger Stuck At Rail Yard

Updated: Thursday, September 3, 2020 | 2:43 PM.

Living in the New York City metro area is certainly interesting. Most people here have fears of falling on subway tracks, being attacked by a killer pizza rat, or getting stuck on a train when trying to go to work.

Now imagine falling asleep on the train to later wake up alone in an empty train in the middle of a rail yard in a Newark, NJ. This terrifying incident happened to Tohfa Hasni from New Jersey.

The morning commute rush is always a busy time when you get stuck in your daily routine. Since you do this every day it’s pretty common to zone out, out your music on, and take slight nap. For Tohfa she found out what it’s like to zone out a bit too much.

On August 26th the NJ Transit train heading inbound to New York City made a routine stop at Newark Penn Station which is just 20 minutes outside the city. While inside the station an announcement came on the loudspeaker letting passengers know that do to a mechanical issue the train was going to be taken out service and all passengers must exit.

Next thing she knew when she awoke was being stranded in the middle of the rail yard.

“It was frightening, it was actually terrifying because in the moment, I didn't really know what to do (or) how to get out of there or what would happen next,"

she continued to say:

"I looked around the train, I went around up and down to see if anyone was on it and I realized I was actually locked inside of an out-of-service train that was parked, and left there with the other parked trains."

After falling her family it took transit police over 90 minutes to find her in the train. Following the incident she later boarded another inbound train and made it to work. Tohfa believes that in addition to any announcements an in person check should have happened with each individual on the train in each train car.

We reached out to NJ transit for a comment who stated...

“ instances such as this, train crews are required to check the trains to ensure all customers have exited. An investigation is underway to determine appropriate disciplinary action that may be taken upon completion of that investigation."

Remember... When in and around any trains or other New York and New Jersey Transit methods of transit you should always be aware of your surroundings.

As always, if something doesn’t feel right and you see something, say something. Maybe next time you’re on the train you’ll keep only one earbud in and you’ll stay awake...

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