Throwback Thursday: Jet Blue’s Legendary “Pie In The Sky”

Updated; June 18, 2020 - 8:55 PM

(Courtesy of JetBlue)

Back in 2018, JetBlue worked on settling the debate as old as time: the great New York vs LA pizza dispute. The plan was to take New York style pizzas from Patsy’s Pizzeria in Manhattan and fly them over 3,000 miles out to LA residents.

Project “Pie in the Sky,” was a way for those on the pacific coast to compare New York and LA pizza in what was considered “real time.” Over 900 pizzas made their way to a handful of select, LA areas within a three-day time period. During that time, JetBlue had set up a special website specific to the project so that LA residents could easily check if they were eligible for this “cheesy” opportunity.

If eligible, JetBlue would then offer customers either cheese or pepperoni 16-inch pizza. However, many people were curious as to whether or not these pizzas could provide them with the fresh and delicious experience of a famous New York slice. The company understood and assured those in LA that their pizzas would arrive at their door “hot and ready.” 

In addition, those eagerly awaiting their pizzas were given the chance to track their mouth-watering deliveries all the way from JetBlue’s take off at the John F. Kennedy International Airport, to LA’s very own International Airport with the convenience of the company's unique website.

Another concern had to do with pricing. Many people were worried that only celebrities, and high paying individuals would have a chance to participate in this historic “New York vs LA pizza” debate. Luckily, JetBlue kept things fair by covering flight, tax, and delivery fees so all customers needed to worry about was the cost of individual pizzas and the traditional “first come, first serve” basis. 

All in all, even though some people are still on edge as to which pizza was the winner, JetBlue was able to achieve its short goal of “promoting the airline’s LA to NYC route” whilst satisfying the pizza needs of LA buyers.

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