This Past Weekend, Florida Tops New York’s Highest Daily Number of COVID-19 Cases.

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Despite the restrictions given by this year’s quarantine, as of Sunday, Florida has managed to exceed 200,000 new cases of COVID-19.

Throughout the month of June, Florida had been seeing a steady number of cases; however, that all changed this Fourth of July weekend. At the start of the pandemic, the state would record around 1,500 new cases per day. Gradually, the number of cases exceeded over the course of weeks. However, a shockingly high number of 11,458 new coronavirus cases were recorded this past Saturday.

Francis Suarez, the Mayor of Miami, claimed to shut down the county’s famous and most popular beaches in order to help lower the risk of such a major spike in cases; yet clearly, the plan seemed to fall through. The cases on July 4th were 13.3% more than Florida’s case-count just last week. Many Americans chose to either cancel or host virtual gatherings this Independence Day, so what caused such a massive spread of infection?

It appears that although states are experiencing spontanious bursts of COVID-19 cases, countless citizens still refuse to take precautions seriously and instead decide to take their chances. In addition, this weekend’s big celebrations allowed Florida to top New York’s “single-day high” of 11,434 cases. Nonetheless, Florida was not the only questionable state this past 4th of July. 

Even after Virginia Beach chose to play it safe and cancel their firework display, floods of people retreated to its shores (disregarding social distance protocols) in hopes to see a glimmer of light in the sky. Masks and safety distancing were slim at the White House’s very own Fourth of July “celebration,” however, tables were some-what spread apart and limited.

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