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The Tales of TikTok.

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TikTok, a Chinese owned social media platform formerly known as Musical.ly, is a way to create, share, and experience short clips for entertainment.

Previously, the app has been used purely for lip-syncing and comedic dances— but now quite a few users are picking up brief story telling as well. The tales range from horror, comedy, saddening, all the way down to a simple childhood memory. Here are just a few of luring stories you may encounter while browsing the app.

A user known as @palmertrolls, decided to share one of these hilarious, and entertaining stories. This specific user claimed that he and a group of friends would sue each other in order to make their way onto court tv shows. Along with his story, the user added in short and laughable clips behind him using a green screen effect. It seems that the group would take turns being witnesses, defendants, and more. Some of the things that brought them into the shows would be for reasons such as breach of contract and failure to self promote. The humorous group even claimed to “accidentally” pay $4,000 for a self promotion on the famous “Judge Alex.” 

Though the group’s purpose was only to stir up some laughter and create some fun (which was very much achieved), the loving story also gained numerous likes, shares, and attention.

On a darker note, quite a few users share sinister stories. Most horror stories throughout the platform are said to be true and are perfect for spooky campfires and chilling sleepovers. One of these stories revolved around an experiment done to determine how long soldiers could go without sleeping. According to TikTok’s  master storytellers, the military used a special gas to forcefully keep their subjects awake; however, after days of no sleep, once the gas was turned off horrible screams and pain flooded the room before they peacefully fell into a deep and deadly sleep.

The app is full of mystery, fun, and thrillers. Some of the app's stories may brighten your day, while others darken your nights. The fact remains that this growing, story-sharing community is a unique and eye-catching platform.




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