• Desirae Mitrano

Texas RoadHouse Is Now Trending Over a “Finessed” Meal.

(Images taken from HopVibe.com)

2020 truly is the year for bringing public justice. The typical trends targeting unfairness usually revolve around issues such as racial bias and inequality between sexes. This event proves that even the most common incidents of unfairness could be backed up and brought to justice with a little help from the media.

Eazo Mitchell was taking his date, Yane Witdayams Torrence, to a cozy, local Texas Roadhouse hoping to make a good impression; little did he know, his “lovely” date had other plans. The event started out like any first day would, the fresh couple took to social media to document their sweet encounter. However, the two weren’t exactly on the same page.

Eazo posted a discrete photo of Yane looking down at her phone to FaceBook with a caption explaining how nervous, yet excited he was to be there with her. Yane did the same, only her caption written on a much more ill-mannered note.

In her post, Yane bragged about “finessing” Eazo for a 60 dollar meal. Soon, Twitter caught on, not giving Yane the response she may have hoped for. As the evening continued, people began to notice how Torrence was cracking rude jokes towards her date and criticizing all the thoughtful things, such as gleefully singing to her, that Mitchell had done.

Feeling bad for the unsuspecting Eazo, a GoFundMe was started in his honor to help him gain back the $60 he had lost to a bad experience. To his surprise, Mitchell ended up with $430 from his mini GoFundMe project, and even managed to use the attention his story had given the company to politely request a job at Texas RoadHouse. As for Yane, she seems to have disappeared from FaceBook for the time being.

Has something like this ever happened to you?




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