Teen Swarmed with Hateful Comments After Comparing Herself to Yue from “Avatar: The Last Airbender.”

(Image by @avgel on Twitter)

Ever since its addition to Netflix on May 15, Nickelodeon’s “Avatar: The Last Airbender” has collected nearly 5 million viewers. Along with numerous fans, the 2005 show has inspired cosplayers, tiktokers, and memes. 

One 18-year old, Angel, decided to join in the spectacular trend. After playing around with some fun selfies, Angel noticed similarities between herself and the animated character, Yue, from “Avatar: The Last Airbender.” Shortly enough, the teen had the idea to come up with the makeup and attire to match as well.

Once the finishing touches on Angel’s new look were complete, she confidently uploaded a side-by-side photo of her (in “costume”) next to Yue on Twitter. Soon enough, her fans flooded her with praise, and excitement towards the well-done look. 

In addition to the popularity on Twitter, a group of followers shared the image to an Instagram fan-page so that everyone could admire the light cosplay. Sadly, the responses on Instagram were much different from the attention on Twitter. The now virtual image was securing quite the number of hate and criticism. Angel explained to a Buzzfeed News source that “Every third comment would be something about my race or me being too dark.” 

This experience encouraged Angel to do a little research of her own. Soon the teen began to realize that many of the comments directed towards darker skinned cosplayers are much different from those of lighter skin. Even though Angel, and many other girls, got piles of compliments and support, they were also “harassed and insulted” by many individuals. 

Following these remarks, one director of the show, Gianacarlo Volpe, Tweeted “I got you, Yue” supporting Angel’s stunning resemblance. A few of the hate comments seemed to die down after the “approval” was given to Angel; however, she was still called out for “trying to erase” Yue’s ethnic background. Angel responded by claiming that was never her intention and now Angel’s experience seems to be opening up a debate across the internet on the way darker-skinned cosplayers around the world are being treated.

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