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Taylor Swift’s New Album: ‘Folklore’ is Becoming the Best-Selling Album of 2020.

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Last Friday, Taylor Swift released a “surprise” album that shocked the world.

The singer-songwriter revealed her newest album, ‘Folklore,’ to the public just under 24 hours from its debut last Friday. The album, taking a leap away from the powerful pop displayed in her last three albums, was both written and recorded during the pandemic making it much easier to hide the creation until its big reveal. Now, ‘Folklore” is luring in listeners left and right.

The album has sky-rocketed its way to the top of the Billboard 200 albums chart, granting Taylor Swift yet another record breaking title. On Spotify, music lovers managed to stream the song over 80.6 million times which is the new highest single-day record for a female artist. In addition, the album has become the new best selling album in the U.S, selling just about 846,000 copies in only seven days. However, the record is not new to Swift as her previous album, ‘Lover’ was the former holder of the record breaking title.

Outside of the United States, ‘Folklore’ has gone on to gain even more accomplishments. In Ireland, Taylor Swift was able to top both Madonna and Beyoncé holding five #1 albums, which is also more than any other artist in the 21st century. Furthermore, out in the United Kingdom, Taylor managed to supply three of the top 10 singles.

Even so, the album’s success is not breaking records alone. With the help of her other recent albums, Swift has become the first to have seven albums sell at least 500,000 copies in only seven days.

Have you heard ‘Folklore’ yet? Which of Taylor Swift’s fresh albums is your favorite?




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