Taylor Swift Released Her Rerecorded Song “Love Story”

On February 11th, Taylor Swift announced she would be releasing her re-recorded version of the song “Love Story” at midnight.

The lyric video released had a bunch of photos of fans from 2008, when the original song came out, making the song now about her love for the swifties. The plan for Taylor Swift is to release this single, and then release the new re-recorded album “Fearless” on April 9th.

Why all the necessary rerecording of her vintage songs in the first place? In summer of 2019, news broke out that her old record label, Big Machine Records (which she left in 2018), had been sold to music manager Scooter Braun. His purchase of the record label gave him all the rights to Taylor Swift's old music. This means anyone who wanted the rights to use one of her old songs in a TV show, movie, or Ad, would have to ask Scooter Braun for permission and would have to pay him a licensing fee.

This made Taylor Swift devastated once she found out the guy her music was being sold to worked closely with Kanye West, the person who she has major beef with. Taylor Swift decided what she described to be the ‘ worst scenario ever’ by re-recording all her old music under her new record label, Republic Records. Now if a company wants to use the song, “Love Story”, for example, in their ad, they have the choice to buy it through Taylor Swift and her team, or Scooter Braun. This rerecording process has given Taylor Swift some power back over her old music that she had originally lost to Scooter.

Not only has Taylor Swift been working on the rerecording of her past albums, but she also produced two brand new albums for her fans just in the year of 2020. Take a couple albums from Taylor Swift, and it will just inspire her to produce twice as many!

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