Singer Lana Del Rey sparks outrage for her mesk mask usage

Updated: Thursday October 8, 2020 | 3:49 PM est.

We shouldn't have to keep saying this.. BUT WEAR A MASK PEOPLE...As COVID-19 cases in New York are up by 1,300 per day and covid cases in New Jersey up by 700 per day there are talks about potential shutdowns to come.

However, despite this many people seem to not be taking the situation seriously.

Although the daily numbers above may sound rather high that's nothing to compared to where this story takes place. New COVID-19 cases in Los Angeles alone are up to 3,400 per day.

Because of this it's no surprise Lana Del Rey was met with heavy backlash when she showed up to a book signing (with a large crowd who she greeted) in a mesh, netted mask.. Critics called out the star for putting fans at risk with a mask that does not protect other from COVID-19 exposure.

Now let's just say this, is there any way that the mesh mask COULD have been effective and kept fans safe?

Billboard chatted with Dr. Peter Chin-Hong who is a medical educator at the University of California in San Francisco.

He specializes in treating infectious diseases but is not directly familiar with the specific mask the singer/songwriter wore over the weekend.

"I am not very confident that it would prevent any spread of COVID, It looks interesting, but you don’t need to be a smart virus to get through that mesh. You could be the dumbest virus and it would be easy to get through that mesh."

he continued to say:

"The holes are so big in the mesh that you might as well be wearing nothing. I can draw a mask on my face with a magic marker and it would have the same efficiency as a mesh mask."

Some users did say there was a potential chance she had a FDA-approved “clear mask” which is plastic which is placed directly over the mouth so you can read lips and see facial expressions. However, this mask does not have any nose coverings and would still prove ineffective in preventing the spread of coronavirus.

Check out the video below:

We think she should've used the so-called “Tesla Of Masks” the N95 or surgical masks you find in a hospital when meeting this many people...

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