RECAP: The AMAs...and their "Covid Safe" audience?

Updated: Monday, November 23, 2020 | 2:22 PM PST

Last night the AMA's took place on ABC, and to our surprise... there was an audience. But how?

Well, before we get into that let's recap quickly. Most award shows and festivals this year that would generally have an audience had held a virtual audience in place of a traditional audience to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Exampled include the iHeartRadio Music Festival which allowed fans to win exclusive live access via a virtual spot to the VMAs which featured an iconic performance by The Weeknd on top of The EDGE in New York City's new district: Hudson Yards.

It's clear that the safest way to stop the spread is to do just that.

Well as the AMAs were broadcast live on ABC from Los Angeles' Microsoft Theater, we noticed an audience during the opening. Naturally we figured this was edited in but this is not the case.

This follows just three days after local officials reported that L.A. County had 5,000 new cases in a one day which was the highest new case count in just 24 hours.

Now the audience which was notably smaller was an odd and rare sight during the pandemic. In addition L.A. County has recently imposed new restrictions to slow the spread of the virus such as a curfew from 10pm through 5am (read more here) and shutting down all dine-in dining.

So what was implemented to ensure a safe show for all who attended AND who was there?

Firstly, the audience was on an "invite only" basis containing friends, family members, and other members in small groups.

Now how was the show safe? Well...

“Anyone entering the AMAs footprint is tested in advance, and testing continues with frequency throughout the wrap of production,”

the spokesperson says.

“Everyone inside our footprint, with the exception of artists on stage who are singing or speaking, will be wearing facial coverings and maintain social distancing at all times. When artists are not on stage singing, presenting, or accepting an award, they will be wearing personal protective equipment (PPE). Additionally, we disinfect our set every evening and in between performances during pre-production, rehearsals and in the live show.”

They also stated they would be using several different stages and continued to say:

Separate crews have been put together for each stage, and all crew members are required to socially distance and wear facial coverings at all times in the venue. The AMAs team is also working with “two (unnamed) leading safety companies” on all Covid-19 compliance.

As the artists took the stage the crowd continued to be loving it. Even Host Taraji P. Henson stated she was "happy to be off the couch and in some real fashion."

Well despite all was an outstanding show and we hope that all the safety measures that were put in place worked!

What are your thoughts? Do you think the measures put into place worked? Was this a smart idea at all? Text us at 833-632-0490 and don't forget to follow us @AFTERGLOWOnAir on instagram!




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