NYC hits major milestone: Zero coronavirus deaths for the first day since the outbreak!

For the first day since March 11th, New York City witnessed zero confirmed deaths due to coronavirus.

After nearly three long months of stay-at-home orders, travel restrictions, and social distancing measures, the city has been given a sliver of hope as cases continue to decrease and recovery reports rise.

Records indicate that there were zero confirmed cases on Wednesday of this week as well, however there were three deaths listed as having a “probable” connection to COVID-19. Spokeswoman Freddi Goldstein acknowledges the reports as great news for the strong community! 

As some businesses are scheduled to reopen their doors to the public on Monday of next week, many observers worry about the potential for spike following civil rights protests and gatherings (READ MORE HERE).

At this time, phase one of re-opening remains in effect as scheduled with hope for a light at the end of the tunnel.

On Wednesday, only 3% of individuals in the city tested positive for the virus, a number well under the 15% mark.

“This is what is going to allow us to move forward,”

Mayor de Blasio stated on Thursday in regard to the new statistics (Gartland, 2020).

With everyone continuing to do their part in protecting the health of one another, de Blasio believes that the city can overcome new challenges. 

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