Nick Cannon Gets Dropped Over Anti-Semitic Comments.

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On Tuesday, ViacomCBS made an announcement they will be “cutting ties” with American actor, Nick Cannon. 

This decision was made based on a Podcast supposedly recorded last year, which was uploaded to the web just two weeks ago. During this Podcast featuring Nick Cannon and Richard Griffin, Cannon discusses racial bias, and proposes what’s seen as Anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. 

The company has gone on to discuss this particular episode of ‘Cannon’s Class,’ with Nick, making sure that he understands the dangers of “promot[ing] hate speech” like he has done on his Youtube channel. ViacomCBS wants to make it clear that they are on board with acknowledging fights against “bigotry;” however, the fact that Cannon is “failing” to admit to, let alone apologize for, his Anti-Semitic comments has led them to their final decision to end the decade-long partnership.

 During his Podcast, Nick Cannon claimed that Black people are the “true Hebrews” and the Jewish have forcefully taken their rightful identity. Nonetheless, in response to all the bubbling hate, Nick expresses that “the Black and Jewish communities have both faced enormous hatred... and will continue to work together to overcome these obstacles,” implying that the two populations are the same in this struggle and must act together as one. 

Despite this connection drawn between both Black and Jewish minorities, Nick begins to dig his grave just a little bit deeper by declaring those with lighter skin tones have some sort of “deficiency.” Cannon backs up his thinking by explaining that those of lighter skin, such as the “Jewish, White, and European” people, are historically driven by a fear which causes them to act out in violent, “savage” ways. Even so, Nick Cannon is still pushing for the ownership of his ‘Wild n’ Out’ skit which is currently operating under ViacomCBS.

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