New York’s American Museum of Natural History Says “Goodbye” to President Roosevelt... but, why?

UPDATED: June 23, 2020 - 10:13 PM

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Long since 1940, a bronze statue of President Theodore Roosevelt proudly seated upon a horse greeted those wishing to enter NYC’s Museum of Natural History from Central Park’s West entrance. 

However, for years there have been piles of debates and protests swarming around the “nameless”, Native American and African men on foot beside the nation's 26th President. To many, it’s hard to tell the exact purpose that these two men hold. Though this does not stop critics from viewing the statue as some 3D depiction of “racial hierarchy and colonialism.” Quite a few individuals even believe that the way Roosevelt is held higher up on his horse compared to the two barefoot men beside him, is encouraging the idea of white supremacy.  

This past Sunday, the museum came to a final decision that the statue had seen the end of its days. Over the past few weeks, New York’s Museum of Natural History has been astonished by the world-wide, never ending support towards racial justice. Museum President, Ellen Futter, claims to have been paying great attention to the world and country as it became more and more loathing toward certain statues, viewing them “as powerful and hurtful symbols of systemic racism.” 

After gaining the approval of both New York City (the official owner of the statue and surrounding property) and Roosevelt’s great-grandson, the museum was able to legally continue with their plan to remove the statue. Nonetheless, not everyone was on board with the museum’s decision. Even though the Museum of Natural History believed that this act would not go against the President himself, rather the idea of Black and Indigenouse people being “subjugated” to unfair, racial standards; President Donald Trump was caught early Monday morning throughout Twitter, asking the museum to stop the “ridiculous” movement, and urging “Don’t do it!”

Even so, the museum is continuing on with their belief. As some people begin to point fingers towards Roosevelt’s “complicated” ideology towards racism, others stand in remembrance of the liquid once splattered upon the statue’s base (courtesy of a 2017 protest against “white supremacy and settler-colonialism”); There is still an unclear date set for the removal of the statue, but rest assure, it will come soon.

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