New Cruella Movie On The Way??

On wednesday, Disney released its trailer for its upcoming prequel, “Cruella.” From what the trailer reveals this movie plans to tell the story of the villain from the 1960’s film, “101 Dalmations.” The classic black and white haired female villain is being portrayed by Academy Award and Golden Globe Award winning actress Emma Stone. Emma Stone has starred in many well known films like, “ The Help”, “La La Land”, “Zombieland”,and many more. In 2017 Emma Stone was the highest paid actress in America.

The Villain is supposedly supposed to be an aspiring fashion designer who wants to make a name for herself. The story goes that the desperation of reaching her success in the business led her to trying out some wicked tactics like making coats out of puppies.

The movie is supposed to release on the 28th of May, but until then I will leave with a beautiful quote from the trailer.

That didn’t sit well with some people, but I wasn’t for everyone. I guess they were always scared that I would be a psycho. But a new day brings new opportunities. And I was ready to make a statement. How does the saying go? I am a woman, hear me roar.”

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