Neil Gorsuch Stands up for LGBTQ+ Rights-- A Breakthrough in History.

UPDATED: Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Last Monday marked a landslide vicorty for the LGBTQ+ community. First nominee to Supreme Court, Neil Gorsuch, supplied the motive behind protecting LGBTQ+ members against job discrimination throughout the United States. The achievement is backed up by the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (also known as Title VII), which now not only restricts job discrimination based on gender and racial biases, but also sexual orientation and self-identification.

For the over 11 million individuals identifying with this community, this event will not soon be forgotten. There is an estimated number of 7 to 8 million people in the LGBTQ+ community that will immensley benifet in both living and work environments due to this historic announcement, as many states had previously left the rights of LGBTQ+ members unprotected. 

The vicotry itself, with the help of Neil Gorsuch, was a 6-3 vote that commemorates countless LGBTQ+ workers and their struggle against bias discrimination. However, Gorsuch claims that this act-- though the first coming from the court towards LGBTQ+ rights since Anothony Kennedy’s 2015 accomplishment to legalize same-sex marrgies throughout the US, will not be the last. Conservative Courts throughout the country are currently working on the problems built off “sex-segregated” restrooms and locker rooms.

Nonetheless, many gay and transgender rights groups are thrilled with Neil Gorsuch’s present accomplishment, some arguing that it may even be more important than Kennedy’s 2015 success as, “nearly every LGBTQ+ adult has or needs a job.”

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