Miley Cyrus Announces That She has Been Sober for the Past Six Months.

UPDATED: June 26, 2020 - 12:00 PM.

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Most recognizable by her starring role in Disney Channel’s Hannah Montana, 27-year old Miley Cyrus has decided to come out with perhaps one of her biggest announcements yet.

The young actress, singer-songwriter revealed to the public during an interview with Variety that she has been sober for the past six months. This is a major breakthrough for the young star, considering her open-heartedness and history towards marijuana usage.

Cyrus explained that she had been working toward soberity for the past year. At the very beginning, this decision was solely for the sake of her music. Last November, Cyrus faced a vocal-cord surgery that seemed to really “wake her up.” For four weeks straight she was unable to talk, forced to scribble her aggravated thoughts onto a small whiteboard. This incident imposed the fearful question of whether or not Miley would be able to sing again. After lots of thought, Cyrus decided to take this experience as a way to improve her “craft,” and looked towards the sobriety path more as something to do for her mother.

Miley explained that her mother was adopted, and that her father’s parents had gotten a divorce when he was only three years old. After looking more into her family-tree, the young star uncovered a string of “addiction and mental health challanges” throughout her family’s history. Cyrus believes that she relates to each of these struggles on her own level.

Although Miley has not been adopted herself, she feels that she carries with her, her mother’s feelings of loneliness and abandonment from when she was young. Along with the pressure of the media, this cloud of self-doubt and questioning, could make her feel trapped or unworthy of her spotlight of fame. With the help of therapy, Cyrus was able to look at acknowledging her past as a way to “see the present and future more clearly.” One thing that Miley seems to really love about this journey is that she no longer wakes up feeling “groggy.” Instead, she wakes up “feeling ready,” an attitude that everyone should take towards each and every morning.




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