Miami Re-Shutting Down Local Restaurants and More in Response to Rising COVID-19 Cases.

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As of this Monday’s announcement, Miami will be shutting down restaurants, gyms, and “short-term vacation rentals” once again as cases of the corona virus begin to pile up in southern Florida’s hospitals.

The hastened shutdown was encouraged by the massive rise in COVID-19 spread out across Miami county this past weekend. Now, Florida’s most popular county is holding onto their takeout and delivery services, but adding in an additional, county-wide curfew. Residents are expected to remain off the streets from 10pm to 6am until otherwise spoken.

Indoor dining must come to an end by Wednesday, however, the Mayor has decided to reopen the beaches that were closed for the Fourth of July. Nonetheless, Mayor Carlos Gimenez has expressed that he is not afraid to re-close the beaches if safety regulations are not taken seriously.

In addition, Gimenez is still tracking down the cause of a “sudden spike” in cases for those between the ages 18 and 34. The unpredicted burst of infection started in mid-June and appears to be a result of many young people wandering without masks and journeying into overcrowded areas.

As the inevitable death count in Florida jumps up to 3,778, Miami county fearfully remains responsible for nearly a third of the state’s corona virus fatalities. Health officials are reminded to do their best to urge individuals into taking these numbers seriously. For now, citizens are asked to stay safe and refrain from participating in large gatherings.

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