LOOK BACK: Five-year-old takes family car to buy a Lamborghini - What happened next?

UPDATED: Thursday, May 14, 2020 2:27PM

Things certainly have been rather weird lately, however, it's always nice to hear some news that ends in a more positive note. Although this happened over 1 week ago it's still dominating our news feeds and we just had to bring it up incase you missed it!

We've always been taught to dream big and that the sky is the limit... I guess he followed that pretty exact!

So what happened?

5-year-old Adrian Zamarripa took his family's Dodge Journey for a spin on I-15 in Utah. Why? He was headed to California to buy a Lamborghini of course!

Police were following the car traveling on the highway at just 30 mph and thought they were an impaired driver. However, when Utah Highway Patrol Lt. Nick Street was shocked when he rolled up to see a child in the front seat alone. He explained his plan to the officer that he had $3 in his pocket and was ready to go purchase a Lamborghini. He further went on to say he fled his home after his mother told him she can't buy him the car.

UHP later tweeted that Adrian "might've been short the purchase amount,".

Where is Adrian now...?

Although he didn't make it to California to take home his own Lamborghini there still is a chance his dreams may come true.

Offers for the boy to ride in a lambo have flooded the family since the news broke. Then, it happened.. Businessman, Jeremy Neves from Orem, Utah, offered Adrian Zamarripa a chance to take an adventure in matte black Lamborghini Huracan.

Neves, told CNN:

"By taking him for a ride, I could bring his dream a little closer and show him that it's possible. After all, I was a lot like this kid growing up and I turned out alright!" "

Since then, Adrian’s family says they are very sorry for this incident and warned other parents to not leave their car keys unattended. it's also been reported he's very sorry for the incident and understood the seriousness of the situation. He promises he will never do this again!

What are your thoughts?

The internet is having mixed reactions stating the family should be charged and the family is to blame. The Zamarripa family has also reported being harassed on social media.

Here at AFTERGLOW we strongly believe that he learnt his lesson and hey, it will make for a great story.

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