Let’s work it out | Here’s the top artists who YOU jam to while working out...

Updated: Friday, September 25, 2020 | 10:29 AM

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Throughout this pandemic we’ve all set some goals...

Whether it’s been to get up and get a new flavor of chips while working from home, or to get up and workout. We all want to be doing something to pass the time as we’re stuck home. As the pandemic drones on and we feel like we are stuck in a never ending cycle it’s hard to stay motivated. 

However, a main motivator for most everyone has been found out to be music, which let’s be real, isn’t a surprise. FitRated which generally reviews fitness equipment took some time to really put how music affects us while working out. 

They polled over 1,000 users and used valuable market data to find out what works, what doesn’t, and who you’re listening to the most. 

The main takeaway is that Lady Gaga was the most popular workout artist and the most popular way to listen to music while working out was on YouTube. 

They also found that users who listen to hip-hop / rap while exercising have more intense workouts. Despite this hip-hop / rap music was #2 in the top 5 music genre chart. 

Pop held 53.4%, Hip Hop / Rap was at 48.6%, classic rock was 46.3%, alternative was 30.4%, and EDM or Electronic Dance music made up for 29.2%.

Within this the top 3 pop artists were Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, and Bruno Mars. -- For the full list on how users stood out click HERE.

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