Last Minute Christmas Ideas - 2020!

Christmas is right around the corner, YEAH, it's here already...

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Well maybe you are stuck on what gifts to get for a couple of people. The clock is ticking, and you still can not think of anything. Lucky for you, Amazon has some amazing gifts that can be given and suited for anyone’s liking.

The first gift that any Disney buff would enjoy is the “Our Adventure Book Pixar Up Handmade DIY Scrapbook photo album.” It is always nice to bring back old and fun memories in a gift that brings back an old and fun movie.

One can never go wrong with gifting a candle! Whether it is a three wick candle from Bath & Body Works or A Homesick Candle, both will satisfy the person you are gifting the candle too. These candles come in many different comforting scents to choose from.

Do you have a friend or family member who is more on the goofy side? Gift them with a pair of Mickey Mouse Dress Socks, so their work days can be a little bit more animated.

Do you know someone who likes to journal? You could get them a 52 week gratitude journal that they could fill out each morning. This would constantly remind them of each gift they are blessed with every day.

If your family is like mine, you could get them a game. We spend hours at my house playing board games. A good one for the friend group or family is the “Pun Intended Card Came.” Another fun game to get for an older crowd is called “ That’s What She Said.”

Self care is always a good go to gift. This year get somebody Burt’s and Bee’s face essentials holiday gift set.

If you have a friend who is all about traveling you could get them a gold armor camping hammock. This can fit into a travel sized bag, and when hiking they are able to tie it to two trees to enjoy nature.

If you have to give a gift to people who are new at parenting then get them the stainless steel coffee mug with a lid. This comes with a set of two, one for each parent to enjoy. They will need it with a newborn in the house.

Lastly, If you need a gift for a kid, check out the dinosaur toys, T Rex 3D Night Light. It comes with seven different colors that change throughout the night. It also comes with a timer and a remote.

Do not worry, you still have time! All of these gifts can be found on Amazon, and their shipping process moves fairly rapid. Best of luck to you late shoppers, and a Merry Christmas!




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