Kylie Jenner & The $5,000 Donation Drama...

Updated: Tuesday, March 23, 2021 | 5:49 pm EST.

The internet police has got Kylie Jenner! -- Earlier this week the internet went in an uproar when the Calabasas Queen donated $5,000 dollars to a GoFundMe account for makeup artist Sam Rauda’s medical expense fund. Following her donation, Jenner proceeded to post his GoFundMe page in her Instagram Story to encourage her fans to donate their own money to him.

So why are people mad? Well, simply put internet users thought that out of all the money Jenner had, she only donated a small amount compared to the goal which you can now see below... (which the time of this being written the goal was updated to $120,000.

So here's the REAL donation story!

Sam Rauda's family wrote on his GoFundMe page that the makeup artist went through major surgery after suffering an accident and the money donated would be used to cover his medical bills as he recuperates.

The original goal on his GoFundMe page was $10,000. Then, shortly after Jenner noticed that the family needed only $4,000 more dollars to complete their goal of reaching that $10k so she then donated $5,000 to complete the campaign.

Now, Internet thugs found her contribution to be very weak because of her noted wealth and luxurious lifestyle.

After the crazy uproar Jenner responded to the very angry people on the internet by stating that Sam Rauda is not her makeup artist and she doesn't have a personal relationship with him today.

Here's what people may have missed... they have worked together before but she simply just wanted to show support by spreading his story. She described the false narratives people created of her as "Twisted". People love to create stories these days and Kylie just so happened to be on the bad side of the internet.

In response to what her haters said she stated the following message on her Instagram story:

Now that we fully understand the full story, let's take a look at 2 of our favorite memes from twitter below...




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Screen Shot 2019-10-17 at 12.22.07



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