Keep an eye out for the next rising star, Alex Robertson!

UPDATED: Friday, Nov. 6, 2020 | 1:53 PM Est.

On August 14th, young entrepreneur and musician Alex Robertson released his latest project, Solitude EP-- a culmination of his creativity and passion for social justice poured into a five-song track.

Alex found his inspiration to write his music during the long months of social isolation imposed by the nation’s quarantine, as found times when he was alone with his emotions. While navigating the changes occurring, Alex decided to make the best of his situation and produce his first EP without the help of a large product budget or label behind him. In a brief two-week span, Alex collaborated with peers to write, record, and mix all songs included on the Solitude EP

Now, Alex has cultivated a supportive social media audience as he continues to share his talents on TikTok and Spotify. On August 14th, Alex released a touching music video to Youtube for the song Money Breeze, which sheds light on the rising Black Lives Matter movement.

The video itself is a tribute to the hundreds of black men and women who have suffered at the hands of police brutality. The additional four songs on the EP have attention-grabbing beats along with moving lyrics that can be related to pressing issues faced by many in this country. One of Alex’s primary goals is to have listeners analyze his lyrics, share them with friends, and discuss their deeper connection to politics, social movements, and injustices. As a young black man in the United States, Alex understands the pain and that comes with discrimination and micro-aggressions. The outcome of many societal encounters are determined by the color of one’s skin, which Alex recognizes must change for our future generations. 

With music as his guiding voice, Alex is confident that he can foster a positive and long-lasting change to both this nation’s society. Solitude EP is just the beginning of prompting introspection by giving listeners the opportunity to be mindful of their attitudes, judgements, and perception of this world. 

If you’re drawn toward pop music, Alex’s new EP will quickly grasp your interest.

Our team had the opportunity to hangout with Alex in Time Square earlier this morning to play Who’s Gonna Glow and Who’s Gonna Go. His cheerful presence lit up the studio as he nearly won it all...

We can’t wait to have him back for a full interview about his upcoming projects! Keep an ear out for Money Breeze and other songs off of Solitude EP which will continue being broadcasted on air in the coming weeks! If you missed his appearance today head over to to check out the live-replay of Episode #63




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