Is Spongebob gay? - Nickelodeon’s Effort to Support Pride Month Sparks an Uproar Throughout the Web.

UPDATED: Tuesday, June 16, 7:10 am

(Spongebob Square Pants - Nickelodeon)

After a recent post by Nickelodeon, Twitter has blown up over the beloved childhood sponge: Spongebob Squarepants.

The tweet itself, although very discrete, clearly outlines the child network’s intent to celebrate #Pride, including all allies. The network tweeted in an effort to support the LGBTQ+ community this pride month only to be swarmed with questions, comments, and a hint of disbelief.

On the flip side, many fans of Stephen Hillenburg’s show are not surprised with this “confirmation” of Spongebob’s sexuality, as there have been various assumptions towards the character since the show was first released back in 1999 up until now. In addition to Spongebob’s alumatied, rainbow image, Nickelodeon has added an image of the cartoon character Korra, representing the show The Legend of Korra, and actor Micheal Cohen, a member of the show Henry Danger; Both of which have been confirmed as either bisexual or transgender by a 2002 group of cartoon-theorists, adding to the suspision of Spongebob’s own sexual preferences.

However, before Hillenburg’s passing in 2018, the former Marine Science educator had boldly enforced the idea of Sponge Squarepants being asexual rather than homosexual — much like all sponges out in the “big blue sea.”

Nonetheless, Nickelodeon’s “take over” on Spongebob’s character may be an attempt to supply the public with a neutral ally to lift the spirits of many buzzing cities such as New York who will be saddened by the lack of parades and gatherings this pride month.

Luckily, the LGBTQIA+ community has not been forgotten.

This year has led to numerous complications, however, a unique and exciting new way to imbrace pride month is on it’s way to New York, Chicago, and even San Francisco via “virtual pride events.”




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