"Instagram For Kids" Is On The Way?

Updated: Thurs. March 25, 2021 | 4:38 PM PST

Now this is a story for the (Face)books and it's pretty interesting... Can you imagine a world even more social media saturated? With "Instagram For Kids", this could be a reality... uh oh.

By now we all know that social media was created with a very specific crowd in mind, college kids! However, now that social media has been around for a while, one can easily tell how social media has swept the nation (and world) by storm. The younger generation picked up on the new platform more than it was planned to, so now Instagram wants to create a platform that is created with the eyes and mind of a young adult kept in mind.

This new instagram version would prevent adults from sending messages to younger children because anyone under the age of thirteen is forbidden to use this service.The Instagram everyone uses now requires people to at least be the age of thirteen in order to access the app. One must now put in their birthday in order to make an account.

Now let's be real, just because there is an age limit doesn't mean kids are going to follow it. I know so many people who had faked ages to get on Facebook and Instagram when they first came out.

According to Buzzfeed,

"There was a 200% rise in recorded instances in the use of Instagram by younger generations".

Due to this study it led to Instagram wanting to take urgent precaution on how to fix the issue, and Instagram For Kids is what they think is the best solution as of right now. But how will this work? What happens when you get past 13? Do you lose your current followers / friends under that age limi, will your content disappear, or will this just be an age restriction on the app? We keep hearing a mix of theories and information so stay tuned here and we will be the first to let you know!

What do you think? Will this be a magnet for pedophiles or a healthy environment that separates kids from the ugly realites of adult world social media?

Text us your thoughts at 833-632-0490!

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