ICYMI: Jaw Dropping Royal Interview With Meghan and Harry on Oprah

Did you catch one of the most jaw dropping interviews done by Oprah yet OR did you miss it?

We have you covered with the AFTERGLOW Royal Recap...

This interview was the first time Prince Harry and Megan Markle sat down for a prime time interview since their engagement in 2017. Not only did they use this interview to spill the drama of the royal family, but also to publicly announce their decision to step down as senior royals.

Meghan shared the red flags that began to arise when meeting the royal family. For instance, she had to learn how to curtsey minutes before meeting the queen even though their meeting was not in public. Meghan and Henry had a secret wedding before the one that was publicly shown to everyone occurred. They wanted to have a wedding for themselves, and the wedding that everyone else saw was just their way of announcing to the world that they were married. It was not their real wedding day. Meghan told Oprah that people would lie to protect other family members, and this led her to believe she needed to be protected.

It was also revealed on the show that the couple did not want their son to be a prince, the palace did not want Archie, Meghan’s baby, to receive security without title. Although they did not disclose names, Meghan and Harry both witnessed conversations going on in the palace about how dark their son’s skin would be.

Meghan then shared her struggles with depression and suicidal thoughts. When she asked the palace for some mental health like therapy, they refused to allow her! However, on the bright side, they also announced that they are going to be having another child, and this time it is a girl!

Also notable, Harry and his brother, Will, are taking space right now. The couple never intended to walk away forever and for good, but after Meghan's pregnancy they began to act less welcoming. Harry did make it known that when he did leave, the Queen was not surprised.

Meghan concludes by saying her one big regret was believing in the palace when they said they would protect her. There has been talk that the couple plan to move to America. I wonder where they will go next.




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