• Desirae Mitrano

From Bobby-Pin to House? This Woman is on a Mission.

(Image from @trademeproject on TikTok)

On May 5th, 29-year-old Demi Skipper posted her first TikTok. Within this short clip, Skipper explained that she would be taking a bobby-pin and using a series of trades, earn herself a house.

Demi claims that she’s never had a TikTok before, and would be using the platform to document her success. The idea came from a man named Kyle Macdonald who took a red paperclip, and traded it until he himself had gotten a house back in 2006. This documented journey proved to be victorious for Kyle and soon went viral across the internet.

Skipper operated under the title “trade me project,” and soon earned over 3 million eager followers. After uploading her bobby-pin on ebay, craigslist, and even Facebook, Demi was able to obtain a pair of earrings which were then substituted for a set of margarita glasses.

Continuing her journey along the streets of San Francisco, Demi has gained a vacuum, Xbox One, Macbook Pro, many high-end brand shoes, and even an Iphone 11 pro. The new TikToker explains that it takes days to conduct a trade, and at one point an item was even lost in the mail. This inconvenience almost caused her to give up but was soon sorted out. 

Yesterday was Skipper’s last “check-in” on her progress (the trade for an Iphone 11 pro), however, she happily addressed that the support from millions of people is encouraging her to continue her quest and that she will soon supply the public with yet another update.

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