Everyone Needs A Laugh-- Luckily, These Deliveries Are Bringing Smiles to Thousands of Faces.

UPDATED: Friday June 26, 2020 - 12:01 PM

Amazon has been a beloved establishment for years, and now with its new “special instructions” option, people are loving the company even more. With the Amazon site’s new feature, customers are able to choose exactly how and where they’d like their deliveries. This guarantees that even if the item was not exactly what the buyer intended on, it would come in a satisfactory and pleasant manner.

One particular teen in Delaware decided to test this new feature when his mother, Lynn Stafferi, requested one of Amazon's deliveries. After his mother had finished purchasing the desired items, the 13-year old went back into the account, constructing a very special set of instructions. Jacob (Lynn’s son), instructed that when his mother’s package arrives, the employee must “knock on the door 3 times and scream abra cadabra as loud as [she could, then] run super fast away.”

Unbenounced to the boy, the Amazon worker was more than prepared for this task. After arriving at the designated house, the family reported hearing three knocks at their door, only to be followed by the familiar chant “abra cadabra.” The event, caught on the Stafferi’s home security cam, is now traveling the internet and bringing laughter to all who come into contact with it.

However, Amazon’s “delivery smiles” don’t end there. Another pool of laughter inspired by an Amazon employee took place outside another home earlier this June. Unsuspecting, Gary Cervera, was on his normal route before coming across an experience like no other. 

Many people are aware of the term “guard dog,” but “guard turkey” seems like a cartoon spunk of humor. Sadly, two of these territorial turkeys existed on Cervera’s route as then followed, and soon chased him away from a customer’s home. The incident, caught on camera, quickly spread bringing fear and humor to the world once again. What next will Amazon’s dedicated workers bring to the year 2020?

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