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Empire State Building is Scheduled to Reopen Very Soon.

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New York City’s spectacular Empire State Building is planning on reopening it’s historic doors next week. On July 20th, our friends way up in the clouds will be allowing residents and tourists back into their 102-story gem.

Due to the concerns revolving around COVID-19, like many other popular establishments, the Empire State Building was forced to board up its doors in mid-March. Now, with the fear of coronavirus loosening, the breath-taking attraction is welcoming back the public with a few minor, yet necessary, conditions.

Because safety is a top priority, the observatory floor, as well as the building’s 86th floor, will be operating under a limited capacity. People will be brought in at around 20% of the building’s true capacity. This allows for proper social distancing and limited crowding.

Visitors are also being kindly asked to wear masks for their own, and others’, safety. However, this does not restrict tourists from witnessing an unforgettable “New York experience.” After going through a temperature screening, with less crowding, it’s much easier to gaze out at the rare and marvelous city view that the building has to offer.

Coming from a struggle to create the world’s tallest building, the Empire State Building has surely outdone itself; providing a memorable and exciting experience in light of this devastating pandemic. Sadly, the available hours for visiting this iconic structure have also been reduced to 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. (3 hours shorter than its usual function). In addition, the binocular viewing stations have been put on hold, however, staff has made this necessary to ensure the safest and most up-lifting destination during this time. Customers are asked to purchase their tickets into the building online and get their cameras for an irreplaceable view.




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