Demi Lovato's New Album "Dancing With The Devil" is everything you need in your life

Updated: April 7, 2021 | 5:39 PM EST.

Recently Demi Lovato came out with a documentary walking her audience through her recent overdose incident in 2018.

She was laced with fentanyl, and the drug dealer that gave her the laced drugs also abused her sexually. She was left for dead when one of her team members found her passed out in her bedroom cold the next morning. The documentary shows how much that night not only affected her life but the people around her as well. The documentary is best described as authentic and transparent. Demi does not hold back on any details, in hopes that it could help someone else who may be on a similar path.

Last Friday, the former Disney star released her new album. This album speaks on her experience of losing her eye sight, dealing with eating disorders, her new fluidity in her sexuality, and her experience of fighting addiction. This album showed growth in Demi’s musical and personal life. There is a song for everyone to relate to. T

his album is a personal fave of hers and I hope to continue to see Demi grow for the better. Until then, thank you for the great album Demi!

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