Delta is Taking the Mask-Wearing Policy Very Seriously.

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Just last week, a Delta flight heading from Detroit to Atlanta had to make a dramatic turn around mid-course.

One day after Ed Bastian, the CEO of Delta, declared that all customers lacking a proper face mask will be banned from flight, two stubborn travelers arrived at the scene with no masks. The two were said to be avoiding the crew’s instructions, insisting that everything would be fine. Nonetheless, Delta has a policy of denying individuals the right to board their planes if a mask is not worn. So how did the two wiggle their way through the gate? It seems like they must’ve been wearing masks while in the airport then slipped them off to “relax” once seated.

Bastian tells us that this is not the first trouble the company has run into when it came to wearing masks. So far over 100 people have been banned due to their refusal toward wearing masks. As Bastian states: “If you board the plane and you insist on not wearing your mask, we insist that you don’t fly [with] Delta [in] the future;” however, it is still unclear whether the pair was taken off the flight, or will just been withheld from boarding in upcoming adventures.

Delta’s not the only airline to take the spread of COVID-19 seriously; countless other airlines require a mask to be worn in-flight under what is known as the mask policy. The one exception to this regulation would be having an evidential health condition that prevents you from being able to safely wear a mask; although exceptions may still contain loopholes. Someone may find a way to fake having a health condition in order to rid themselves of the “inconvenience” of having to wear a protective mask. In that case, Delta explains that travelers will not be banned from flying with them in the future, however, their travel privileges will be suspended for a flexible amount of time. 

Do you think Delta's penalties are fair? When was the last time you flew on the company's airlines?

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