Costco Reinforces Dress-Code After a BLM Mask is Worn.

(Via Getty Images)

Over the years, retailers have developed dress-codes in order to make their businesses appear professional and trustworthy to the public.

Lately, Costco and quite a few other companies have not been very strict when it came to work attire. As long as employees came in on time, with a clean, proper uniform and limited accessories, everything was fine. When masks were added to the mandatory attire, many Costco employees used it as an additional link to express themselves.

For weeks, workers came in with masks supporting sports teams, fictional characters, and even bedazzling glitter. There were even U.S. flags and pride colors scattered across the masks of workers in nearly all of the country's 550 Costco warehouses. It was a secondary way for everyone to have fun and open-up while still keeping safe during this time; and no one seemed to object to the idea (not even store managers).

However, this splash of fun didn’t make it very far for everyone. The recent protest against “racism and police brutality” inspired many citizens to take to a Black Lives Matter mask. Sadly, despite the company’s claims to support the cause, Costco has decided to “selectively enforce” aspects of its dress code, scolding employees for wearing any “political” BLM accessories.

Many were confused, while other employees seemed to experience feelings of offense and outrage. One even fled to social media in hopes to call out the company’s CEO. Yet another petition emerged, totaling roughly 6,000 signatures. Staff are still being directed home for showing off their beliefs and support, but it doesn’t seem like these proud workers will stay silenced for long.

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