Coca-Cola Sales Drop Leading The Company to Start Getting Rid of Some “Zombie” Brands.

Updated: Thursday, July 23, 2020 | 8:09 AM.

Coca-Cola seems to be the brand everyone knows about... Scattered throughout vending machines, and sparkling in stores, the conveniently accessible beverage is loved by many. Now it seems like the company is facing some tough decisions.

On June 25th, the end of the business's second quarter, Coca-Cola had to deal with a 28% drop in sales. Because of this dramatic decline, Coke’s CEO, James Qucieny, announced on Tuesday that the company will be getting rid of their Odwalla brand along with many other small branches.

(Odwalla juices are struggling - image via Business Insider)

Since over half of Coca-Cola’s sponsored brands are on a small scale and only bring in about 2% the company’s “total revenue,” Quncieny believes that eliminating these mostly in-house brands will improve the business.

Instead of putting time and money into these weaker links, Coca-Cola will focus more on high-end, big selling brands.

However, the drop in sales was not the main reason Coca-Cola is quickly planning to get rid of these “zombie brands.” For the past two years the company has slowly been leaving smaller brands behind, and in just the beginning of last year alone the business was able to drop nearly 275 products.

The coronavirus pandemic is simply a wake up call that these hitch-hiking branches have got to go. With restaurants, stadiums, and movie theaters off the market, Coca-Cola has taken a huge hit. Brands such as Fairlife milk and Simply orange juice have been doing well, as people are still able to locate and take home these delicious drinks; but it seems like the company’s famous soda brands are really taking the fall.

(Image via Pintrest)

On the flip-side, Coca-Cola announced just last week that they are working to update their “Freestyle fountain machines” (as pictured) which will allow buyers to enjoy their fizzy beverages via phone. This will restrict people from physically touching the machines, making it safer, and easier to make a quick purchase.

Is saying goodbye to Coca-Cola’s weaker brands a good idea?

Which is your favorite of the brands?

And how effective with this new fountain update really be?

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