🎄 CHRISTMAS SZN VIBE CHECK 🎄 - Starbucks cups are HERE! ☕️

Images in this article provided via Starbucks Coffee.

So there are just 48 days until Christmas….

Along with that comes the stress of seeing various family members, extremely cold weather, and the holiday shopping rush. (Which let's be real, you always wait until the last minute to do....) ANYWAYS, we will drop this for NOW... 

There’s one silver lining to this season and that’s the Starbucks Holiday Cups which were released TODAY. BUT ANYWAYS, we digress. 

There’s something about going into a Starbucks around this time of the year and receiving these cups. The moment when you see the boxes all lined up in the entranceway saying “do not open” and you know what’s inside. The will and ability to make the next few months which makes the winter ok.

To kick off this wonderful season of giving Starbucks posted on Instagram:

"✨ Turn on your cheer – the holidays are back tomorrow, Nov. 7! Purchase a handcrafted holiday beverage and get a #Reusable #RedCup free. Hurry – only at participating stores in the U.S. & Canada while supplies last. ✨"


At least Starbucks is here to keep us warm and get us in the holiday spirit..which we might add that the holiday celebration seems to be getting closer and closer EVERY year... once you taste this and hold the joy in your hands it almost makes the next few months bearable where you forget all about the next LONG and DARK months that follow.

As you can recall, several past years the simple release of these cups caused unwanted drama....

Like in 2015 when they seemingly forgot any mention of the holidays, OR in 2017 when somehow those cups caused an uproar stating that the beloved coffee company was pushing a sensitive subject on gay rights to their unknowing coffee and other hot beverage lovers. (What ?!?!)

We just gotta say, we think that they NAILED it this year and really have no complaints. Are you excited about these new Starbucks cups? We know we are!

Give the gift that keeps on giving to those you LOVE. Purchase a Starbucks gift card HERE today!

How did you think they did this year? Let us know in the comments below ↙️ or text as at 833-650-4387! Keep on glowing...

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