Chris Harrison Is Lawyering Up & Taking Down The Bachelor

Updated: Thursday, March 25, 2021 | 7:49 PM EST.

If you haven't been keeping up with the Bachelor this year then you may not know that the host of the show, Chris Harrison, recently was let go.

After standing up for Rachel, the contestant who recently won ‘The Bachelor’, Chris is no longer seen as an "ally" and was dropped from the show. What may Chris have protected Rachel from, you may ask? When Rachel was twenty one (around five years ago) she went to a racially insensitive Antebellum party. Chris suggested to show her grace since the party was so long ago.

However, give the year we've had and how far we've come, this was not the appropriate response the network wanted. So.. they fired him.

Now the drama continues!

The newest update his week is that Chris Harrison is not giving up without a fight. He just hired celebrity attorney Bryan Freedman. He represented Gabrielle Union in her blow up with America’s Got Talent blow up when union made a complaint of racism and hostile work environment. This led to her being fired as a judge. Although Chris has not gotten permenantly fired, if he is getting a lawyer then it is a clear sign that he is nervous that his job is on the line.

As of right now former contestants on the show have taken his place, but it is looking like a more permanent situation the more this saga continues. I wonder if we will ever see Chris on the bachelor again, and if not him who will be our constant host for the next generation of seasons?? We need to know!!!

Do you think he's reacting the right way? Do you think the network took this too far or they were right on point..

Let us know by texting us your thoughts at 833-632-0490!




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