Chris Brown knows how to have a party with this HIGH END yard sale... 😳

So Chris Brown (@chrisbrownofficial on IG) has always been an interesting character… but Yesterday on November 5th he posted his Tarzana, CA home address on Instagram to his 58 million followers as shown below

Chris Brown is at it again, he posted this flier to his 58 MILLION followers on Instagram Tuesday night!

Now at first this just seems like a crazy idea but let’s hear out the "Beautiful People" singer's idea for a moment.

So what is this "magnificant" idea we speak of...?

Well...He’s holding a “Pop-Up” YARD SALE featuring extremely marked down luxury, high end, and other very exclusive items.  The yard sale was on Wednesday, November 6th from 10 AM to 7 PM Pacific time and was quote “first come first serve”.

THOUSANDS of people showed up and it was a surprisingly docile event. Each member who participated in the event was found perfectly lined up Citrus Ridge Drive in an orderly fashion.

Thousands gather for the yard sale as pictured above.

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Despite the organized lines sources close to Chris told various outlets that the LAPD showed up to the singers home in the afternoon and stated that they were unable to have a garage sale because they quote "Did not have a permit.". Of course, Chris's camp got his lawyer involved who eventually got the LAPD to stand down due to the fact that permits are not required in the City of L.A. where Chris resides.

We don’t know most celebrities who would personally post their home address because of... UH, SAFETY… it’s 2019 people are crazy. But then again, being as high up in the “Celeb Food Chain” as Chris is he’s sure to have top of the line security including bodyguards with him 24/7.

However, high-end security has not always proved well in the past like when Kim Kardashian was brutally robbed in 2016, or even when Chris Brown's aunt was attacked. and held hostage by armed robbers and locked in a closet back in 2015.

We want to know...

Do you think this was a safe idea…? Why do you think he’s doing this… Our 3 thoughts are he’s doing this because A) he has to much stuff, B) he’s being nice and wants to share the wealth at a low low price, or C) he’s running into some financial problems down the road…

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