Carole Baskins Ex-Hubby’s Family Run Commercial during “DWTS” Premiere 🤯

We’ve talked about being petty on the show before. But this story really takes everything to a whole new level.

On Monday Carole Baskin took the ballroom stage on “Dancing With The Stars” to show the world what she’s made of. With the whole world watching this “cool cat and kitten” what better time would it be than to run an ad against her.

Don Lewis’s family decided to task the audience of DWTS with helping provide any clues to find her missing husband. 

TMZ said the commercial will feature attorney John Phillips, Lewis’s daughters Gale, Linda, and Donna, and his former assistant, Anne McQueen.

If you have any tips which lead to his disappearance they will be offering a $100,000 reward. 

The Lewis family and their attorney bought air time during the shows first commercial break for a reported one hundred thousand dollars. Joe Exotic and the Lewis family all are convinced that Baskin was behind his disappearance who was declared legally dead.

TMZ reported that the family finds it “grossly insensitive” for the producers of Dancing with the Stars to feature Baskin.

Do you think she should have not been cast?Do you believe she is innocent? Let us know by texting us at 833-632-0490.

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