ICYMI: In Studio With Brandon Rashaun | AGL Fridays

UPDATED: Monday, March 1, 2021 | 4:43 PM EST.

Last Friday, Feb 26th, 2021 was an action packed show, did you catch it?!

It was the one and only Sergio's Birthday so naturally we needed to plan an outstanding birthday party. So? What did we do! Well, we decided to have a day full of music, fun, and a few special guests.

One of our guest's was R&B Singer Brandon Rashaun. He joined our AFTERGLOW Team for not only the Special Friday Birthday Spectacular, but also for our “Thursday Throwdown” episode to help us countdown the top 30 songs on the iHeartRadio Charts.

First, on Thursday, Brandon took part in a close game of “AFTERGLOW: Don’t Say It” against Kris. He also discussed how he was inspired at first by Bryson Tiller, but as he matured in his music career, he found other inspirations. On Friday, he shared with the team where his musical background came from, and what drives him to make music. He was so easy to talk to that the interview flew by!

So what's his story?

Well, of course you need to check out the full in-studio interview via our On-Demand Channel if you missed it, but, we'll say this... Brandon is a talented, new R&B artist with a sound that is at once compelling and alluring.

Brandon learned to play the piano and the violin at a very early age and moved on to adding other instruments – piano, saxophone and drums – thereby discovering his love for music and nurturing it with every passing day.

He has experienced a variety of cultures in his travel, music and instruments, which is reflected in his broad range of styles and music composition.

Steeped in traditional R&B style, Rashaun’s music reflects his background, an eclectic mix of Latin, Dominican and Southern traditions. In his new album, Mixed Emotions, Rashaun showcases a voice so poignant that he effortlessly touches upon a medley of emotions – from joy and happiness to sorrow and regret. The album stems from Brandon’s experiences and personal growth.

His passion for music combined with a desire to be an example to others motivate him every day to connect with those who are struggling in today’s world and bring hope to others. He firmly believes that with hard work and perseverance, others can also beat the odds and succeed.

Brandon says,

“I am grateful to God for giving me the opportunity and the ability to make the most of the quarantine period and transform my emotions into my very first album,” says Rashaun.

Let us know what you thought of his in-studio experience by texting us your thoughts anytime 24/7 at 833-632.0490. His R&B Album, Mixed Emotions, is now available on all major streaming platforms. Check him out on www.Brandonrashaunofficial.com!

As always, if you missed the show you can check out our AFTERGLOW On Demand Replay Episodes below, on your preferred platform, for FREE!

This replay episode is: Episode #78 - The Celebration To End All Celebrations (SPECIAL). His interview can be found at around 51 minutes and 13 seconds in!

Click to lisiten on iHeartRadio, Spotify, OR click HERE for other preferred replay channels.

We can't wait to see you next week!




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