Amazon Claims That Their Memo Out to Employees Was an “error.”

(Via Getty Images)

Last Friday, numerous employees working with Amazon were sent an email demanding that they delete TikTok from any mobile device that could access their work email. This international request was said to be in favor of safety and security concerns. The company claimed that “due to security risks” the platform was no longer allowed to be on the same mobile device workers used to access their business emails. Employees were then directed to delete the app by July 10th (just later that day).

However, the announcement seemed to allow workers to access the app from their “Amazon laptop browser.” The demand seems a bit unreasonable, but for many it’s easy to see where the company is coming from based on the countless mixed assumptions regarding the app. Amazon now suggests that this oddly specific email was an “error.” The beloved delivery business argues that they have not made any alterations to policies revolving around TikTok.

Nonetheless, the popular platform remains in question. Privacy and safety while using the app has long been in debate, despite TikTok’s claim that all data is stored here in the U.S. Late last year the U.S. Navy was encouraging “personnel and staff” to get rid of the teen-popular app, while nothing was required by law. In addition, the country as a whole is now questioning whether or not to follow India’s footsteps earlier this month, and ban the video-sharing platform altogether.

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