13-Year-Old does more than you've done all quarantine.. and probably longer.

UPDATED: Thursday, May 28, 10:13PM

Imagine Marvel or DC decide to play God and put a super-kid on the earth, except.. this is real life.

California resident Jack Rico had recently graduated with four associate's degrees from Fullerton College y'all. Did we mention he's only 13 year old.. yeah.. This happened.

Let us just say that is nothing short of remarkable. While you're at home sitting on the couch taking a test on which show you should stream, a kid half your age is taking the world by storm.

Studying social sciences, social behavior, self development, human expression and history. This is totally dope in the most impressively terrifying way possible. Future Lex Luthor, on my mama when he was sighted wearing the return of the messiah thirteens- sandals- to the graduation that brought a tear to this reporters eye. On God thats gangsta.

Ladies and Gentlemen let us tell you I know some cats still paying off debt that can't move with such efficiency.

Mr. Rico- Because Lord knows we all are going to be calling him that in the new world order- Obtained these four degrees in a matter of two years. TWO YEARS. if my math is correct (fingers crossed) Mr. Rico starts this journey at the age of only elven. I do not know about y'all but at eleven I was just discovering the efficiency of blowing on a Nintendo sixty four cartridge shell.

Up next, this awesome kid is heading to University of Nevada in pursuit of a bachelors in history.

When he's not indulging in his passions for learning, Mr. Rico does what you'd expect any other kid his age to be doing. Video games. Folks, Im willing to gamble this prodigy is going to make a pretty good name for himself probably before he even gets his drivers license.

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